Coaching & Consulting

Individual Coaching


This one-on-one program is for people who want to open their minds to original, creative strategies designed to create a future they've never considered possible, by thinking originally - what people call  out of the box.It is especially useful for people who are responsible for projects where new qualitative results are called for or for people who have passed milestone occasions in their lives that require them to really look at life anew. 


People who want customized attention to their particular needs or projects and want a level of depth and interaction that is not normally available in the Group Coaching Project can use individual coaching to focus on specific areas, build a new working culture and generate team cohesiveness by having everyone on the same page.

This coaching uses tools and exercises that tap into your 'Natural Genius' - the source of your passion and genius - and expand your capacity for the "voltage' that comes with an expanded new chapter of life. Every exercise and coaching assignment is designed to bring you more ease and pleasure. 


In the personal coaching partnership, you have a safety net, so you can try out new behaviors with the freedom to explore what you are really looking for. You are freed up to create a life of pleasure and achievement that simultaneously includes all the areas and priorities that are important to you and to live a life that is evolutionary, not one of repetitive problem solving. 


New pathways and opportunities open up. Isn't that really what mastery is all about?
The Promise of Personal Coaching

A redesign of your life that allows you to thrive in every area, create a new personal persona for yourself, and produce new, powerful results outside the box of working harder and free from the baggage of the past.

For a free, no obligation conversation, please call me to discuss your plans or desire for the future you want.

Group Coaching


The Voice of New Leadership is a year-long program for women who want to upgrade their "operating system" and open a new Voice for power, leadership and personal authority.

It is well-known that women are coming into positions of leadership in large numbers. What these women are also discovering is that the freedom they feel to use their authority and to speak with power and command has been suppressed through many years of playing the helper or second-in-command role.

In this program, participants are taught to view their thinking as an operating system, which can be changed and upgraded in any way to meet the opportunities that real leadership roles provide.

Best for Teams

This program is best done for teams or groups of related women who want to understand and practice what it takes to have a powerful Voice that allows them to lead in ways that open new ways to work, to think through new areas, and to open visions that can be put into action. 

The New Chapter Project

The purpose is to create a whole new chapter wit a new operating system for your life and be fully natural in it in 3-6 months.

Are you passing a milestone, for example a major birthday, divorce, a move to a new city? Are you starting a new chapter of your personal or professional life - a major promotion, children grown, or the death of a partner or important family member? Do you lack a vision for your life or do you have a vision but no road map to activate it? Are you going round and round at the same level? Do you keep working on the same old patterns or baggage from the past? 

Creating and learning to live in a new personal strategy that is centered in pleasure and happiness will open you to living the life you envision and making the contribution you want to make. When you learn to think and live as a person who is thriving, not striving, you stop working on everything and start having the life you want. 

This intensive program has the power to activate a new future by having you graduate with honor from the current identity and strategy that you live in and create a next chapter or era of your life that is your full pleasure. In a world where most people don't even know their current strategy, let alone how to graduate from it, no wonder change is considered difficult!



Set the tone and focus the energy with 45 to 90 minute speeches that inspire, inform, and motivate your group to think in brand new ways and create new experiences, opportunities, and results. These speeches are custom designed to meet the needs of your group or organization.

Human Potential 2.0

These days, everyone is striving to "think out of the box"...very few are actually doing it.This presentation is based on Einstein's sage advice that a problem cannot be solved by the same thinking that created it. It is an exploration of a new model of personal thinking and strategy based on unleashing personal genius and releasing the old "commitment/work harder" models, in favor of a model that is centered in thriving and that validates ease and a first-class style focused on personal fulfillment and thriving. 

The Power of the New Feminine Principle

This speech focuses on a unique methodology; Fulfillment-based Thinking.  It is an approach comprised of a set of learned strategies and behaviors that differentiate the way that women and men are taught to think and operate.  


The New Feminine Principle combines the traditional feminine elements of relationship, teaming, and creativity with the traditional masculine sense of entitlement, Voice, individuality, and the ability to wield power constructively.  When combined, these elements transform leadership, creating powerful opportunities and championship results. A brand new kind of strategic question arises that can be used immediately to start making clear decisions based on extraordinary results and the overall good of everyone involved.

The Voice of New Leadership

An intensive coaching program for women who want to activate the Voice of a powerful leader, but without the military and endless competitive thinking that men use to power leadership. This is a year-long program in which participants can create a new way to think about leadership and can practice it with other women leaders. This program is best done with groups of affinity, where participants can practice right in their work environment.

Women's Role in the Future of Business

Does your business capitalize on the powerful results that women's style can produce?  Do you want to empower women in key positions to increase their effectiveness?  Do you want to retain key people and attract new talent to your organization?  The feminine leadership style represents the future of leadership strategy.  The advantages of the style women use result in increased partnerships, loyal teams, higher growth, less employee downtime, and a more effective workforce.  

Feminine leadership and style is not only the wave of the future in business but also in the lives of hundreds of millions of women around th world in every condition and circumstance who are awakening to the profound power they have to produce results out in the world as well as in their homes and families.
Each of these presentations can be expanded into half- or full-day events that give applications and practice of the material presented.

What Coaching Clients Say

When I was voted the State Teacher of the Year...

I knew I needed an entirely new way to think to use the power of this great honor for the maximum benefit of myself and the people I serve. Bill's group and now his individual program are altering and growing my thinking about who I am and what I can accomplish in ways that I never thought possible. Not only is this coaching contributing to my work, but also to my emotional and physical well-being and sense of real maturity and the power of my Voice. Bill's style of coaching is a complete pleasure for me.

~ M.J. M., Salt Lake City 

I have just finished Bill Lamond’s Group Project.

Bill has a radiance and magnetism that drew me in before I even heard him talk about this project and invitation. I have used the opening from this project to create a new role for myself as an inspired and evolutionary leader in health care to positively transform our relationship, understanding, and access to true health at a national and global level. My light is on bright. J.G., nominated as one of the Sacramento Business Journal’s “40 Under 40,” young business leaders making a difference in Northern California

An entrepreneur with four businesses...

and four published books in my field, I participated in Bill's Voice of New Leadership because I was too "buttoned up" to make the kind of major leap I was looking for. The result was not only a new Voice, but now Bill is coaching me individually to think in ways that extend my work at a quantum level of power and grace. This is what coaching is really all about. 

~ V.H., Southern California Calling 

Calling Bill Lamond a coach is like calling Mount Everest a hill.

Over the course of our coaching project I had breakthroughs on levels I never even knew existed. My ability to communicate with myself and others in an open, honest, and positive way is now my "standard" setting. One completely unexpected result that I received was that a compulsive pattern of thinking that I have battled for 35 years disappeared during a five-minute exercise - complete and gone. I was sure that I would take that one to the grave. I've been around the world - and Bill's work took me to the center of my own universe, where the fun really begins.
~ Barry Friedman, Raspyni Brothers, 4-time World Juggling Champion 

My husband and I enrolled in Bill's Group Coaching

on the advice of my trusted coach for my dental practice, already a client of Bill's. We were so pleased by this open and expansive way of thinking that we hired Bill to coach us as a couple. To our surprise and delight, Bill recommended we concentrate first on renewing and expanding our already great love affair as a couple of twenty years and use that expansion to play a much greater role in our community and to champion each other in our individual expressions of our greatness. Bill's emphasis on things needing to be a pleasure to be fulfilling is outside of anything we have known prior to this and it makes being coached a delight as we open new powers and gifts and express them. 

~ R.W. and K.A., DDS., North Carolina

The Voice of New Leadership program opened abilities and powers in me that I thought I would be..

working forever to achieve. The Voice of New Leadership program opened abilities and powers in me that I thought I would be working forever to achieve. 

Bill's power metaphor that real Voice is simply a matter of upgrading the "code" with which I have been taught to think ended my struggle to fix myself and showed me how to design a system of thinking that matched my aspirations. From that design, I was able to create a Voice that represented this new way to think. The result was a powerful woman with a powerful Voice created with ease and grace. Thank you, Bill.  

~ D.L., Administrator, California