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About Born to Lead

Finally, what women have been waiting for...A revolution that is really an Evolution!  

Bill Lamond's new book on the feminine principles of leadership, Born to Lead: Unlock the Magnificence in Yourself and Others.

Born to Lead is a common sense way to think about living your life as a sovereign woman - a queen in your own right. It's really all about you - about building your sense of being a fully empowered, first class woman with a real voice for your appetites and desires that is all your own.  

Born to Lead shows you, step-by-step, how to unlock the magnificence in yourself and others by saying how it is for you as your greatest pleasure.

Born to Lead tells the truth about your magnificence and lets you use your power in ways that nourish and grow yourself and the people around you.

Born to Lead is, above all, a manual for building in what has been systematically trained out of women - being the authority in your own life, and having the time of your life showing the world what it is like to be a turned-on woman leading with her greatness.

The most important practice for real leadership and personal fulfillment is finding and developing a voice for your own personal appetite and desire.  


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Life is not a true or false test...

 it is a multiple choice opportunity to broaden your life in meaningful ways.  The ultimate smorgasbord!

Here are three ways to increase your appetite, enlarge your world, and empower you to be ...YOU!

Gotta Have It

Nothing is more powerful or enjoyable than practicing wanting for the sheer pleasure of it.  When men shop, they are normally goal-oriented.  They get in, buy, and get out.  Women, on the other hand, enjoy browsing just for the pleasure of seeing what's available.  You can think of the practice of appetite and desire as internal window shopping.  Put whatever you want on your list and make it a living list, one that you can add to or delete from at anytime. 

Jealousy in this game is a good thing. When you see someone who is having what you want, just include yourself by affirming, "Me, too. That's what I'm having."

Get Turned On

Now, this sounds like fun, doesn't it?  Creating a list of things you want when you're turned on will be a totally different list then when you're not.  The turn-on can come from many sources, such as, watching or listening to inspirational tapes or programs, dancing, massage, a long chat with a close friend, great sex, or deep meditation.  These are the moments when the pleasure centers of the body are most open and the desire you experience is free of feelings of fear, obligation or failure.  Do this experiment.  

First, do something that really turns you on.

Then, using the question, "What do I desire now?,"  make a list of things you want when you are very turned on, i.e. exuberant, happy, energized, peaceful.  Then compare that list to what you would ordinarily desire.  Most people discover there are two completely different lists - one that has turn on in it and one that you have to find enough turn on to make happen.  The choice should be obvious. 

If you want to turned on life, focus your energy on the turned on list and that's the kind of life you'll live.

Give to Yourself

Being generous with yourself will make you naturally want more for those around you.  Make yourself a fountain of desire, starting with yourself, and let it shower on everyone you come in contact with.  Start with breaking the code of silence about what you want by telling others.  When you activate your Voice by being truthful about who you really are and what you really want, you increase your ability to have miracles - sudden, unexpected events that open your eyes to new experiences and opportunities.  

Then, do a seven-day experiment...

Every day, give yourself a half hour of pure pleasure. It might be as simple as sitting quietly and watching the sky or spending more time in the bath or having your dinner with candles and great music. If you are like most people, you will first notice that giving to yourself is not as easy as it looks and there is no time built into your schedule to take care of yourself. 

If you want to stop working harder and start enjoying yourself more, interrupt the schedule and put yourself in it as an A-1 priority.