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I think we all know that the very fabric of life as we have known it is changing. Many people unfortunately are sitting on their hands hoping that things will go back to the way they were. They're just not going to. and it's just hard to admit.


The real job right now is to re-invent yourself so that you are in line with the future and the style that will be necessary to be successful in it. Fulfillment-based Thinking, in programming jargon, is a platform that allows you to program your future in ways that are based on your genius, your passion, and the pleasure of having what people often refer to as your Heart's Desire, so you are free to make choices that promote the future you want AND enjoy the process every step of the way.  


We all want success in our chosen goals, of course, but what this thinking provides that is different from the way that most people produce results is a way to achieve them that actually fills you up while you are working on what you desire, rather than wearing you out. (No wonder many successful people feel that something is missing when they get where they are going.) When you achieve your goals in the work harder, grit-your-teeth commitment style, you wear yourself out, when the point is to arrive in style!


As you can see, I've included letters from a variety of people who have been in my coaching projects, because there is no situation or problem that cannot be impacted by knowing how to graduate with honor from the person you have been and become someone new. And with the technology of Fulfillment-based thinking, it's achievable quickly and as a real pleasure.  

I invite you to stop putting up with anything less than the full enjoyment of your life and become a person who is leading in happiness and has access to their personal genius.

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If you are already successful, I invite you to become a leader in your chosen field and think through new ways of doing things that are not based on the so called puritan work ethic that has enslaved millions of human beings. 

For a free, no obligation conversation, please call me to discuss your plans or desire for the future you want.

What Clients Say About Bill

Fay Freed, Co-founder, The Women's Leadership Program

"Bill Lamond is the only man we ever invited to give lectures in The Women's Leadership Program. His fluency with the language and culture of women is unique. Bill has the ability to hold up a mirror of the Feminine and provide a reflection that no woman could provide for herself."

Burke Franklin, CEO, Business Power Tools

"I love knowing the source of my greatness. I can true up my decision-making process to the best outcome quickly and effectively. As a matter of fact, I had all the people on my management team discover their natural genius and Bill helped us see our strengths as a team and showed us how we could work together more effectively using our natural geniuses...The value we got was beyond my expectations. It's not often that a consultant is straight with you - whether or not it means more business for him. Bill advises me on key things, including as assessment of whether I was working with the "right team". Bill's programs and principles work!"

Lauri Kibby, Founder, The Oasi Group, Real Estate Development

"I use my natural genius as the primary guide in my decision-making and in evaluating my success.  It has provided a new level of understanding as to why some things in my life feel fulfilling and others do not.  I can honestly say I live my life with a sense of well being I had never before experienced.

Beth Sweeney, Personal Trainer & Bodybuilder

"I hired Bill to coach me personally because in all my competitions, I had always taken second place. I knew my physical development, workout, and diet were fine, so I couldn't figure out why the answer was always Second. Bill coached me to create and feel natural in a new personal strategy that had me be first class in every area of my life. In my next competition, I walked on the stage and knew that judges were looking at a first-class bodybuilder. There was only one prize they could give me. Going home with the Gold was a thrill of a lifetime!"

Mary Keil, Producer, theatrical Productions & Feature Films

"I am deeply grateful to Bill Lamond for "The Feminine Principle" and "Natural Genius".  I recommend that everyone find out what his or her natural genius is.  It is probably the most important and liberating and empowering piece of self-knowledge I have ever learned."

Sonia Murray-Johnson, Owner, MJ Insurance Services, President, The Palm Springs Business Network

"I have had the pleasure of participating in The Feminine Principle in Leadership Course for the last three months with a group of women business owners form our Business Network and have learned how to be what Bill calls the E-VIP.  To my surprise and delight, I am not only more in charge of my business, but also more in charge of my life at large.  I use the Completion Process to fit my business and personal life together, to decide what i want or don't want, and to handle business challenges in brand new ways."