The Future of Personal Growth     
Keynote Speeches

Set the tone and focus the energy with 45 to 90 minute speeches that inspire, inform, and motivate your group to think in brand new ways and create new experiences, opportunities, and results. These speeches are custom designed to meet the needs of your group or organization.

Human Potential 2.0: These days, everyone is striving to "think out of the box"...very few are actually doing it.This presentation is based on Einstein's sage advice that a problem cannot be solved by the same thinking that created it. It is an exploration of a new model of personal thinking and strategy based on unleashing personal genius and releasing the old "commitment/work harder" models, in favor of a model that is centered in thriving and that validates ease and a first-class style focused on personal fulfillment and thriving. 

The Power of the New Feminine Principle:  This speech focuses on a unique methodology; Fulfillment-based Thinking.  It is an approach comprised of a set of learned strategies and behaviors that differentiate the way that women and men are taught to think and operate.  The New Feminine Principle combines the traditional feminine elements of relationship, teaming, and creativity with the traditional masculine sense of entitlement, Voice, individuality, and the ability to wield power constructively.  When combined, these elements transform leadership, creating powerful opportunities and championship results. A brand new kind of strategic question arises that can be used immediately to start making clear decisions based on extraordinary results and the overall good of everyone involved.

The Voice of New Leadership: An intensive coaching program for women who want to activate the Voice of a powerful leader, but without the military and endless competitive thinking that men use to power leadership. This is a year-long program in which participants can create a new way to think about leadership and can practice it with other women leaders. This program is best done with groups of affinity, where participants can practice right in their work environment.

Women's Role in the Future of Business
  Does your business capitalize on the powerful results that women's style can produce?  Do you want to empower women in key positions to increase their effectiveness?  Do you want to retain key people and attract new talent to your organization?  The feminine leadership style represents the future of leadership strategy.  The advantages of the style women use result in increased partnerships, loyal teams, higher growth, less employee downtime, and a more effective workforce.  Feminine leadership and style is not only the wave of the future in business but also in the lives of hundreds of millions of women around th world in every condition and circumstance who are awakening to the profound power they have to produce results out in the world as well as in their homes and families.
Each of these presentations can be expanded into half- or full-day events that give applications and practice of the material presented.

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