The Future of Personal Growth     
From Possibility to Fulfillment

Mission Statement

Bill Lamond partners with women and men with extraordinary aspirations to open new chapters of their lives that express their full capacity for pleasure, contribution, and personal magnificence. His clients come from every walk of life and include businesspeople, spiritual leaders, entertainers, athletes  and people who want original results, free from the working-harder ethic in the everyday experience of their life.

Imagine yourself experiencing every area of your life in the most positive, creative, 'juicy' state of spirit, heart, mind, and body.  Think about what you could accomplish, the significant contributions you could make to the people and the world around you, and the quality of the relationships you could experience. Consider the joy and peace you would have about your own life.

Growth, evolution, change...isn't this the best investment you could make in your life and your future?  When you tell the truth of your real pleasure, you stand at the center of your power as a human being! You announce what you are here for and activate your spiritual gifts. When you have a custom  personal strategy that expresses your deepest desires and increases your capacity to hold them, you give yourself the gift of a first-class life. 

Fulfillment-based thinking is a quantum breakthrough
from Possibility. The secret is in using your genius
 to discover what people call your "Heart's Desire" and
setting yourself up to have it as a full pleasure,
with no compromise. 

The question is not whether you can create more possibilities. Most educated people today know how to do that. The real question is whether you can live your life as a series of opportunities that give you the fulfillment of all the potential that you have. Unleash that potential and you will naturally make the greatest contribution to the world around you.   

Your dreams of how you see your life evolving become a reality most easily when you open yourself, nourish yourself, welcome change, and grow your spirit - exactly the process by which all life thrives and prospers! 

"You deserve to live a life of fulfillment and happiness. It's what your parents wanted for you. It's what you want for your own children. You can't work on your happiness. You have to claim it as your new "address" and start living there. The rest will take care of itself as the path of your happiness opens up before you. Your only job is to follow that path wherever it takes you."  
Bill Lamond 

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