The Future of Personal Growth     

Bill Lamond is a founding member of the personal coaching profession in the U.S., and a master personal coach. As a former psychotherapist in private practice, Bill recognized that the problem most people had was that they were living lives that were too small to express all their gifts and talents and allow their real natural genius to be illuminated. 

More importantly, Bill realized that many of the processes we use to develop our potential are 30, 40, even a hundred years old. His discovery was not only a new way to think, but a brand new process for producing results in harmony with the way Nature itself develops us as children, that are faster, easier, and more pleasurable than anything we have used to date. 

"Two hundred years ago it took six months to a year of arduous,
even dangerous travel to cross the United States.
No one would think of traveling that way today and yet,
when it comes to personal change, people are still
using "covered wagons" to get where they are going." 

- Bill Lamond

Bill is the creator of Fulfillment-based Thinking, a revolutionary approach to living, which he calls Human Potential 2.0, an evolution in the way results are produced based on genius, pleasure, and co-operation - a radical departure from possibility-based thinking, which relies on commitment and often sheer will power to get things done. 

His sought-after courses, 
The Practice of Personal Magnificence: All the Way Out of the Box, The Pleasure of Business, The Feminine Principle in Leadership, and The Group Coaching/Next Chapter Project and his seminars and workshops are remarkable because they offer an access to the way people who are thriving think and operate. Bill has been featured in the French news magazine, Le Point, as a leading voice in coaching in the United States.  

A popular presenter and speaker, Bill mesmerizes audiences with his vision of a new way to live without any compromise to the pleasure of your life that uses your unique talents as your special contribution to the world you live in.

Bill is a recognized champion of women's
thought, communication, and style.  

According to Lamond, The New Feminine Principle i.e. relatedness, coupled with individuality, first-class thinking, voice, and building new capacities, has the power to make sweeping changes in the world and is the wave of the future for both women and men.

Bill Lamond's book, Born To Lead: Unlock the Magnificence in Yourself and Others, is one practical application of Fulfillment-based Thinking that adds to the cherished feminine principle of relationship, the key elements that allow women and men to lead from the center of their own wholeness. Personal stories and guided exercises teach readers how to transform their leadership style and become exponentially more effective without losing the fundamental values that all women (and the men who champion them) hold sacred.  This is an upward-spiraling journey of the spirit, heart, mind, and body. Born to Lead can be ordered on line at Amazon or Penguin Books.

"I think it's clear to everyone who is awake to what is going on in the world that the current models we live with - materialism first, the puritan work ethic, no pain-no gain, sacrifice, intellect over heart, brutal competition  and the like - are useless to solve the problems we are facing and are themselves sources of suffering for people who insist on continuing to use them. Unfortunately, though millions have been taught to think "Possibility," - what I call Human Potential 1.0 - that model of thinking has no ability to generate the fulfillment of our possibilities, except by the treacherous working-harder model that focuses on problems to solve and  burns people out and uses them up, what I call the "Success at any Price" model.
In my own way of seeing it, real evolution doesn't even recognize problems. It takes every opportunity to create something new, to open new pathways, to nourish and grow life and use the available energy to leap into extraordinarily new kinds of expression. If we would live our own lives this way, we would have unprecedented miracles in the way we live and think and save ourselves and the world around us an enormous amount of wear and tear and futile going round and round in a circle. Like the leap we took from "electric" to "electronic," we need the next level of thinking that honors possibilities, but uses a technology of fulfilling them based on nourishing ourselves are we go and by enjoying our full, uncompromised pleasure - therefore, Fulfillment-based Thinking, Human Potential 2.0." 

~ Bill Lamond 
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